Rachel and Jorgen: A Surprise Engagement on the Brooklyn Bridge

Since it's completion in 1883, I like to imagine what the Brooklyn Bridge has witnessed in it’s 130 + years of existence. I imagine it’s fondest memories are moments like this; It’s long cords holding tight with anticipation when it witnesses a man take to his knee and publicly announces his adoration to the only person in his sights. 

Joergen proposed to Rachel on the wooden walkway of the bridge. We were there to witness as well, our role started out discreetly as Joergen instructed us to hide within the throes of tourists visiting the bridge so we can immortalize the moment with her surprised reaction. 

It is a tradition of this bridge and all bridges of the world, that a couple would do a Love Lock. The game is to symbolize the bond by putting a lock with their names on it and affix it to the bridge so that the evidence of their visit becomes the bridge's souvenior. The key is then thrown into the river, never to be retrieved, so the lock will never see itself unbound. 


Years into the future, they'll come back to visit. Perhaps with children. Perhaps in old age when the flow of life has passed like water underneath the bridge. They will see this lock hidden among others within the iron fingers of the iconic sentinel.