Do you travel?
Absolutely! We've shot weddings in many places; Australia, Canada, Hawaii, New York City, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, and all over the North East region - travelling is something we love to do and are good at doing frugally. Please inquire to find out what our quote would be as we carefully factor in our travel costs. We might surprise you with prices that can compete with similar local photographers. 

Are you assisted by another photographer?
We, Chris and Kristen, always work together. Over the years, we have a system that we developed and fine tuned together that makes us ensure the wedding day is well-documented. If your event is large enough to require additional shooters, we have excellent colleagues to call on.

Do we get to keep our photos?
Yes.  We also keep a copy for our archives and self promotion.

How soon will our pictures be ready?
Our turn-around time for editing the photos is three weeks. 

How many pictures do we get?  
There is no specific number of images because each wedding day or portraiture session is different. We photograph as much as it takes until we're satisfied. However, to provide numbers, a typical 10 hour wedding yields an average of 2,000 edited images.

How are the photos edited?
We have a methodical process that allows us to review thousands of images. We shoot to achieve a desired variety so the absolute best photos could be picked. The images are then adjusted for colors, details, and crops to really bring out the content of the shots.  

Additionally, we organize the images with careful consideration in achieving a pleasing flow of events.  

What is your photography style? 
Between the both us, we have an educated creative background in photography and graphic design. Our style is mostly candid and photojournalistic. Our mission is to preserve the experience as it would be remembered. 

How much will it cost?
Every wedding is unique, so the price is always different for each specific wedding. Our Standard Package starts at $2,800. For more info, review our package options.

How should we get started?
Email us through Contact Us to check if your date is available. The form will ask some questions about your wedding plans to help understand your plans. 

If your ready to reserve your date, we require a non-refundable deposit and signed contract.