Chris Hamilton is a photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007, he travelled west to San Francisco and spent a year-long summer in Hawaii as a gardener. 

Over the years, his work expanded from documenting weddings to doing advertising and photo manipulation. The process of putting together the images is methodical and planned; from concept, planning, execution, and presenting.

Accepting commission work.
Providing post-production services.


He also:
Married to Kristen Bell.
 Their favorite pet.

Clients served:
Toys R Us
 Ketel One Vodka
 Ralph Lauren
 Abercrombie and Fitch
 Gold Peak
 Gildan Sportswear
 New Balance
 Pom Wonderful
 Ben and Jerry's
 FAO Schwarz
 Martha Stewart
 Red Magazine
 Men's Health
 Dennis Mosner Photography
 Darryl Patterson Photography
 Rodrigo Cid Photography
 Joe Sciacchetano Photography
 Annie Tritt Photography
 Amy Harrity Photography
 Erik Madigan Heck Photography           
 Versatile Studios
 Carole Hochman
 Weisscom Group (WCG)
 Official Design Agency
 Catcher In Design
 Sweetwater Media
 Purple Inc
 United Way

Published in:
 Time Magazine 
 Fecal Face
 The Redditor
 F Stoppers